McAlpin Tanner Marcotte Victorious In Confirmation Of Arbitral Award

Cardoza v. Celebrity Cruises, Inc. & Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
Southern District of Florida Docket 14-21023-civ-Martinez-Goodman
March 2, 2015

The Southern District of Florida affirmed a Final Award entered following an arbitration pursuant to the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards. Cardoza, a former crewmember, arbitrated his claims against his former employer pursuant to the terms of his employment agreement. Unhappy with the Final Award granted by the arbitration tribunal, Cardoza sought court intervention in Miami-Dade Circuit Court and filed a motion to vacate the arbitral award in an effort to obtain a jury trial. Cardoza argued that the arbitration and final award violated statutory law and federal public policy. McAlpin Tanner Marcotte removed the case to federal court and moved for confirmation of the tribunal’s final award, arguing that the arbitration agreement was valid and enforceable under federal law and public policy. The Court agreed with McAlpin Tanner Marcotte and confirmed the underlying Final Award granted by the arbitration tribunal in all respects.