At McAlpin Florez Marcotte we know that our clients are counting on us to solve their most difficult legal problems.  Our attorneys stand ready for the challenge and will work side by side with you to help you get the results you are looking for. We pride ourselves on providing a different kind of legal experience – an experience that surpasses your expectations at every point in the process.

  • Experienced Maritime Counsel.  McAlpin Florez Marcotte practices exclusively in the field of maritime and admiralty law.   The partners at our firm are seasoned maritime litigators who regularly appear in both state and federal court at the trial and appellate levels.   Our attorneys are also highly skilled in arbitration, which is often the method used to resolve maritime crew claims for foreign seamen aboard cruise vessels. 
  • Board Certified Experts. Maritime cases involve complex legal issues that require highly skilled and specialized attorneys.  Several of our attorneys have been board certified by The Florida Bar in Admiralty and Maritime Law.   This means that they have demonstrated the necessary knowledge, skills and proficiency to be deemed “experts” in this highly specialized area of the law. Moreover, Richard McAlpin who is the firm’s founder and managing partner is also Board certified in Civil Trial. One of only few attorneys in the State of Florida with the distinction to be double board certified.
  • Individualized Approach.  No two clients and no two cases will ever be exactly alike.  That’s why at McAlpin Florez Marcotte the only “formula” that exists for resolving maritime and admiralty claims is our commitment to consistently providing our clients with dedicated service and timely action tailored to their individual needs and objectives.  We resolve every case based upon its own unique factual circumstances after close consultation with our clients.
  • Dedicated Partner Level Management.  At McAlpin Florez Marcotte each case is handled by a single partner from the time it is opened through resolution.  An associate level attorney assists the partner with appropriate tasks and, in most cases, remains on the case from beginning to end.  This approach results in minimized redundancy and bureaucracy, increased efficiency and greater cost-effectiveness.
  • Broad Scale Representation.  With over  70 years of collective experience, our attorneys are well equipped to defend your interests no matter how complex the case may be.   We have an industry-wide reputation for providing top-level representation to major insurers, their clients, and Fortune 500 corporations in all manners of marine claims and transactions, ranging from bodily injury, wrongful death, boating accidents and damaged property, cargo cases, maritime salvage, shipyard claims, charter disputes, product liability, maritime liens, first and third party defense, marine insurance coverage and marina claims. 
  • Innovative and Constructive Resolutions.   At McAlpin Florez Marcotte, we pride ourselves on our ability to think outside of the box and analyze a case from every angle.  Our goal is, and always will be, to find unique resolutions for clients’ issues that shine a new light on each aspect of maritime law. 

The legal team at McAlpin Florez Marcotte is proud to represent and defend the interests of companies operating throughout maritime industry.  We believe that our advantages are your advantages and we will do everything we can to help you achieve an optimal outcome in your case.

To learn more about our firm’s capabilities or to schedule a consultation with an experienced maritime and admiralty law attorney, we invite you to contact our law offices by calling 305-810-5400.